The Broken Land

The Broken Land

An opera in two acts for six principals, children’s chorus and orchestra. Libretto by Melinda McLain, all rights reserved.

When American settlers moved into the southern plains during the 1870’s, they found expansive flat land with little rain, lots of wind and strewn with the bones of slaughtered buffalo.  The Broken Land tells the true story of a family of pioneer famers in western Kansas and the Texas panhandle during a defining moment in American history, known as the “Dust Bowl Era.” The “Dirty Thirties,” as this period was also known, was characterized by the winds of the Plains that accumulated loose dust from plowed fields, creating immense, black clouds that would darken the skies for miles.

Currently in development for workshop performances.


20 Minutes or Less



An opera in one act for five principals and chamber orchestra

Libretto by Mark Sonnenblick, all rights reserved.

Osha’s first night working at Pizza Queen coincides with their most important delivery of the year. Will her co-workers like and respect her? Will she get the pizza to the customer in time? Will the thin veneer of human civilization prove strong enough to keep the empty chaos of the universe at bay? The clock is ticking…

Premiered by Washington National Opera, December 2015.

Recording Rights held by Washington National Opera.  Available for rental only.


Rodman in North Korea



A comedic opera in one act for three principals, chorus and orchestra.

Libretto by Mark Sonnenblick, all rights reserved.

“He [Dennis Rodman] listened to Rodman in North Korea and enjoyed it.” – AJ Bright, Dennis Rodman’s agent

Rodman in North Korea begins at a large rally following North Korea’s successful nuclear test. Kim Jong-Un, flush with victory, is certain that Obama will now be calling him to negotiate. Instead, he gets a phone call from the news organization Vice: they want Dennis Rodman and the Harlem Globetrotters to come and play a basketball game with the North Korean players. Jong-Un, who grew up obsessed with the Bulls, is surprised but agrees. When the Americans arrive and cultures begin to clash, Kim Jong-Un finds himself increasingly lost amidst the crass exuberance of American culture and the severe, confining legacy of his father and grandfather. It doesn’t help that, somewhere outside the grand stadiums of Pyongang, families are struggling, economies are slumping, children are starving in the streets…why does everyone always count on the dictator to keep a country from collapsing?

March, March, March (chorus)          Take a Seat in Comfort (chorus)

I have had no calls today?  (duet)       This window (Kim Jong-Un’s aria)

Workshop performance sponsored by Houghton Lyric Theater, Houghton, NY.  Kim Jong-Un performed by Ray Chenez, countertenor, Dennis Rodman  performed by Carl DuPont, baritone , and Kim Won-Hong performed by  Tim McGowan, tenor.



styriacoverAn opera in two acts for nine principals and orchestra

Libretto by Amanda Consul, based on the novel Carmilla, by Sheridan LeFanu, all rights reserved.

A young girl, named Lily, travels to Styria after the mysterious death of her mother.  She befriends a young Styrian woman, Carrie and meets a mysterious young woman, Laura, who knows the cause of her frequent nightmares. Laura begins to tell the story of her life as the Lily begins to connect the pieces of her past…and her future.

Prologue (orchestral reading performed by the CCM Philharmonia Orchestra)

Funeral Chorus (chorus scene, piano workshop)


Remember Me


A concert opera scene for two principals and piano.

Watch the workshop performance here.

Performed by soprano, Maribeth Crawford and baritone , Jonathan Stinson.  Directed by Jennifer Williams.