Art Song

Song Cycle

In Seasons of Life’s Pursuit (2016)

for baritone and piano, poetry by Max Ehrmann, all rights reserved.   Premiered at the Eastman School of Music 2016.

Thou Whom We Call God, Summer Prayer, Autumn Prayer, Winter Prayer, The Final Prayer

A performance of the complete set can be found here by baritone Mitchell Hutchings and pianist Fabio Menchetti

Clear and Cold (2014)

for soprano and piano, poetry by Lisa Ampleman, all rights reserved. Premiered at the Cincinnati Time Arts concert series.

Clear and Cold, The Evening Star, Internal Count

Vestige of a Woman (2013, revised 2014)

for soprano and piano, poetry by Christina Rossetti, all rights reserved.

Sister Maude, Echo., Daughter of Eve, Song.

A performance of the complete set can be found here by soprano Evangelia Leontis and pianist Katherine Thomas.

A performance of Song can be found here by Kerriann Otano, soprano and pianist Christopher Devlin.


On Faith and Life (2012)

for tenor and piano, texts from the translations of James Gibson of medieval texts, all rights reserved.

Naive, AcerbicSupplicative


Songs of Mortality (2008)

for baritone and piano quintet, poetry by Edgar Alan Poe, all rights reserved.

Spirits of the Dead, Evening Star, Valley of Unrest


Art Song

Ode to Free Beer (2013)

for baritone, guitar and piano, poetry by Jeff Gundy, all rights reserved.


When You Come By (2013)

for mezzo-soprano and piano.